ESA Research Historical Aerial Photo Decade Packages Historic aerial photographs are used by environmental professionals to analyze prior-use activity on a target property and its vicinity. ESA Research provides nationwide historic aerial photo coverage so you will be sure to obtain the photos you need for your projects.

Multiple Collections:
ESA Research provides historical aerial photos from multiple sources including our extensive internal collection as well regional aerial collections throughout the United States.

Historical Aerial Photo Package Described:
ESA Research Historic Aerial Photo Decade Packages include a digitally reproduced photo from each decade usually beginning in the 1930s, 1940s or 1950s and continuing through to a current photo from 2006-2009.
They are delivered electronically in .pdf format centered on your site scaled to 1 inch to 700 feet unless otherwise specified.

Turn Around Time:
In most cases your photos are delivered to you within 24-48 hours.

Custom Site Solutions: ESA Research has the capability to provide for your custom aerial photography requirements as well. This includes photos for large and irregularly shaped sites such as transportation. pipeiline and utility corridors.

Package or Solo:
The ESA Research Aerial Photo Decade Package (Decade Aerial Pack) is available as part of one of ESA Research's Packages for Environmental Assessments and can also be ordered separately.

Free Coverage Report:
ESA Research will be happy to check our collections for you. If you fill out the free request form we can tell you exactly what we have that covers your site.

For more information, contact ESA Research at 800-479-9228.